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Everyone of legal age is welcome to register as an independent partner at no cost. Zinzino’s independent partners come from different lifestyles and stages of life. Partners choose their own hours and amount of time to invest. Zinzino provides the tools and conditions for you to achieve success provided you stay the course. While not required, you may purchase one of our Partner Product Kits, containing products and basic training materials at a discount.

If you already know someone who is partner in Zinzino, you may join the sales team of that partner. This person can “sponsor” you into Zinzino. If you do not know a Zinzino Independent Partner, you are welcome to contact Zinzino’s Customer Care at 855-ZINZINO or ZinzinoUSA@zinzino.com. We can find an independent partner to help you get started.

An existing partner can help your register. You then will receive an email from Zinzino with a Partner ID number and password to log-in to your personal Zinzino Online Office. There you will find important information and tools. Furthermore, please consult with the person who “sponsored” you into Zinzino to access team training and activities.

There is no fee to join Zinzino as an independent partner, nor is it mandatory to purchase products. Zinzino is a ‘customer-driven’ organization that requires it’s partners to register customers directly with Zinzino. We do not pay for recruiting sales associates.

While there is no requirement for independent partners to purchase products to qualify in the Zinzino Compensaton Plan, most partners do purchase products for their personal use and to use as revolving inventory in enrolling customers into Zinzino. Partners may purchase these products at a discount as Partner Product Kits.

Thus, we ask that you judge Zinzino by the value you receive for the price you pay for the products you purchase. We have priced our products to give you tremendous value with a modest profit that still allows us to grow and prosper as a company and business community.

Secondly, we do our very best to foster an environment of education, training and support to empower your success. However, your success also depends upon your investment of time, efforts, demographics, life circumstances, etc. ~ things Zinzino cannot control.

Thus, we ask everyone in the Zinzino community ~ company, independent partners and you ~ to own the responsibility that is theirs. This we believe can make us a better company and the world a better world.

Finally, Zinzino advocates for an open and honest direct sales profession. Our company holds membership in the national direct selling associations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the USA.

We see direct sales associations as a seal of quality and professionalism. These associations protect consumers, foster fair commerce and promote a positive standard both for direct sales companies and independent direct sales associates. Direct sales associations hold a code of ethics for member companies and their independent sales associates.

Our independent partners also are required to act ethically in compliance with Zinzino’s Policies & Procedures. Those who do not are so advised when it is drawn to Zinzino’s attention. If they then do not comply, stiffer actions are taken to include but not limited to termination as an Zinzino Independent Partner, which requires them to continue to follow our policies for another 90 days following termination or cancellation.

We invite you to help us hold the highest standards for the Zinzino community. It is our goal to hold a high standard for the entire direct sales community.

This is our business after all, and anything less than high standards diminishes our value. Thank you for helping us be our best and for being your best.

Each independent partner has his or her own experience. We can however give you a few insights reference time investment, support and results.

Many people start with a part-time effort of 10-15 hours per week. Some are content to build supplemental income, while others work to make Zinzino a career that gives them time, flexibility and economic freedom for their dream life.

Although you are in business for yourself, you are not alone. Zinzino, and it’s independent partner leaders, place major emphasis on education, training and personal development to ensure the success of those willing and able to stay the course.

Furthermore, our independent partner leaders provide ongoing care, support and coaching. This symbiotic relationship insures the success of both the Company and independent partners.

For many independent partners, Zinzino is their first business experience. Any profession takes time to master and can stretch the beginner. However, by adhering to our proven business system, you enhance your satisfaction and success.

You must provide written notice to Zinzino at ZinzinoUSA@zinzino.com. You have 90 days to safely return unopened, unused and undamaged product for a refund of purchase price minus 10% restocking fee. S hipping costs will not be refunded. Discounted product purchased as part of a kit will be refunded at a reduced price to reflect the original discount, minus a 10% restocking fee. Please see Zinzino Independent Policies & Procedures for a full description of cancellation and return policies.

We require prepayment (except when paying through Collector). The products are shipped from Zinzino’s warehouse as soon as the order is paid. It can take up to 14 business days before you receive the delivery, but often less than that

You do this yourself in your personal pages. Log in with your customer number and password.

If a package is returned to us from the shipper, you will get a letter or email notification. Of course, we can resend your shipment, but additional fees apply. You must pay a shipping and handling fee to Zinzino before we resend the package. This cost varies depending on which country you live in. You are entitled to have your package sent again within 6 months.

Payment with Visa / Mastercard We offer payment via Visa / Mastercard. This is the fastest, safest and most convenient option. This applies to prepayment. There is no fee for Visa / Mastercard payment.

Pay with E-invoice If you wish to pay via e-invoice, a bill sent to the specified email address will be sent before payment is due. This applies to prepayment.

Pay with Paper Invoice If you wish to pay via paper invoice, you will receive the invoice in the mail before payment is due. This applies to prepayment.

We also offer the option to make a down payment in most of our markets. Contact a Zinzino Partner to learn more about this.

You can log on to your personal pages, go through the “open orders”, select a payment method and enter the card details. You may do this up to the day before your order’s due date.

It is possible to request a password reset on our website. A new password will be sent to the email address you registered in our system. Login with this password and follow the instructions change it.

Your login details – ID number and password – are sent to you in an email when you sign up for your first order with us.

To order our products, please contact an existing customer or an independent Zinzino partner so they can help you to register as a customer. You can also take advantage of our special offers for new customers! If you do not know any partners or customers, you are welcome to contact customer service and we will help you! Once you are registered as a Zinzino customer and have received your login information, you can log on to our website and shop in your web shop at any time you wish. You also have the opportunity to get your products for free if you recommend the product to others

It’s easy, all you have to do is to have an ongoing subscription (worth at least 3 credits*) at Zinzino and then recommend a similar or greater subscription to at least 4 other people. If they choose to sign up, then you reach Z4F status and we will send your next subscription order to you for free; you only pay for shipping! Note that a customer can sign up for multiple subscriptions on the same account (such as a Balance-subscription and a coffee subscription), which means you can achieve Z4F without having 4 customers. Instead of counting the number of customers, we track customer points: one customer subscription corresponds to one customer point.

In other words, if you have at least four customer points, and each of those points is worth at least as many credits* as your ongoing subscription, then you will get your next subscription order for free!

* What are Credits?

Credits are a currency that Zinzino uses to set a value on our products. Read more on your online pages or contact an independent partner who can tell you more.